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  • Living with dwm

    You may have heard of tiling window managers like dwm or i3. These are pretty interesting from a nerdy elitist hacker perspective ("I know Unix!"), but can also look quite nice and make good use of on-screen space. I switched to dwm yesterday and enjoyed spending some time to figure out the absolute basics. On my old, small laptop though, I realised that it suits me best to just have a separate tag per application.

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  • Jeff Schneider's Sick R&B Chords

    Jeff Schneider has some excellent instructive content on YouTube, and takes the time to explain some of the theory behind the music. Here, he plays a lush neo-soul chord progression, walks us through a nice tritone substitution and shows how we can use secondary dominants to introduce chords from outside the key. Here’s a transcription, made much easier than usual thanks to Jeff’s animated keyboard.

  • Jazz chords from Paul Barton's "Piano Sounds Never Heard Before!"

    There’s a really nice sequence of jazzy chords in Paul Barton’s YouTube video "Piano Sounds Never Heard Before!" at the 7:44 mark: I really liked the chord progression and tried to transcribe it. You can find it here.