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16 May 2021

Playing Revenant using Wine and Proton

594 words, ~2 min read

_TL;DR: I tried to run an old game called Revenant on Linux using both WINE and Proton, but both had problems. Here's h...
04 Apr 2020

Living with dwm

857 words, ~4 min read

You may have heard of tiling window managers like https://dwm.suckless.org[dwm] or https://i3wm.org/[i3]. These are pre...
24 Jul 2018

Jeff Schneider's Sick R&B Chords

65 words, ~0 min read

Jeff Schneider has some excellent instructive content on YouTube, and takes the time to explain some of the theory behi...
22 Jul 2018

Jazz chords from Paul Barton's "Piano Sounds Never Heard Before!"

38 words, ~0 min read

There's a really nice sequence of jazzy chords in Paul Barton's YouTube video "Piano Sounds Never Heard Before!" at the...